You’re not a lawyer?

You are in control of your file!

Access to justice depends above all on accessibility to information.

In the context of contesting an offense, legal representation by a lawyer is a choice, not an obligation.
This choice, whether or not to resort to the assistance and advice of a lawyer should not be an automatic process but an enlightened choice considering your specific needs according, among others, to your individual capacities, the difficulties and the complexity of the case and the procedures imposed by the system.
By understanding the information provided by InfoTicket you will be able to see the nature of the offense with which you are charged, see certain defenses, see how others before you have invoked them in court and see by the teaching of the various judgments, how the courts have reacted and how the courts have asked to present a defense and how they ask to structure it.
You will be able to see the important points that have been raised by the courts and ultimately determine whether you wish to seek the help and advice of a lawyer to guide and assist you in your journey or whether you wish to live the adventure by your self.
Whatever your decision, you will have the elements required to better communicate the information to the lawyer, provide him with the elements that will allow him to understand your situation, manage your file, guide you and advise you while you are in control of your situation and your own case.

Simple steps you'll have to follow!


1. Subscribe to the InfoTicket service;
2. Take note of the information provided by InfoTicket;
3. If you wish to contest your statement of offense, follow the steps indicated in the statement within the time limit imposed;
4. Request the disclosure of the evidence when sending the dispute;
5. Request your driving record from the SAAQ online;
6. Complete the InfoTicket cheat sheet;
7. Prepare your file and include the information received in the InfoTicket system;
8. If you determine the need, give access to the information contained in your file to the lawyer of your choice;
9. Prepare your defense and the documentation required to present it to the court;
10. Present yourself in court, meet with the crown attorney, present your defense in an organized, concise and structured manner;

Respect the deadlines, have the right documents, know the relevant case law and the current state of the law in similar matters, as well as have the information required to analyze, advise and represent your client in a timely fashion.

Information and tips!

Adequately inform and prepare your client.

Allow your client to understand the legal process, how to properly present the fact and how to testify in a credible manner in order to give him the opportunity to be heard by the tribunal.

Jurisprudence and case law

The case law associated to the given offense and the available defense mechanisms.

The essentials elements of the defense, the constituent elements of the offense, the relevant defenses, the theory of the case, the case law relevant to the offense and to its defenses will allow you a healthy, dynamic and effective communication.


A secure and confidential all-in-one system that provides an agenda for each file, the required documents, the relevant case law and the safeguarding of all communications.

How does it work?

Each file is an individual entity with all the elements necessary for its management, accessible from any device, anywhere.

Simple, Easy and Effective.

A complete, simple and effective questionnaire, completed by your client, allows our system to provide you with the case law associated with the offense, build the theory of the case and create an agenda with automated reminders.

All you have to do is check, complete, evaluate and decide with your client on the appropriate and optimal approach.

An exclusive platform for managing tickets

After having managed more than 50,000 files, we offer an optimized management system, that is efficient, complete, autonomous, confidential, remotely accessible and created exclusively for the management of tickets.

Exclusively developed for the management of tickets, automated reminders are sent to you, the lawyer and the client. Considering that client is informed of the procedures, he is always responsible and aware of what is necessary to move the case forward. 

An internal and confidential communications system allows you to communicate with your client in the form of “texts” in order to avoid any uncertainty and unnecessary questioning that could slow down your work and decrease your efficiency.


No waste of time, no unnecessary communications, and no unduly costs.

File management

Confidentiality, secure access to the file by internet, deadlines to be respected, documents to be prepared, and a secure communication platform.

Court related information

Address and contact details & particularities specific to every individual court.

Calendar and notifications

Professional liability, deadlines to be respected, automated transmission of alerts by email to the client and to the lawyer


Confidential and secure preservation of your documents, secure remote access, customer accessibility.

InfoTicket offer informationtipsjurisprudencemanagement related to the offense


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