Why InfoTicket?

Every year in Quebec, more than 2,500,000 tickets are issued. However, not only do the various university law faculties omit to formally teach their students the ins and outs of the Highway Safety Code, but the rules generally remain unknown to the public.

With the information transmitted by INFO TICKET, citizens and lawyers alike have a tool to better understand the challenge process and to establish a constructive and effective dialogue.

Using our system, prior to a consultation with the lawyer, the citizen will have prepared a statement of facts, defined the circumstances of the infraction, become acquainted with the constituent elements of the offense, consulted certain case law and certain associated defenses relating to the infraction at hand. 

The lawyer will be able to analyze an organized and well-defined file, allowing him to advise his client through a constructive and dynamic means of communication.

Lawyers and citizens alike benefit from information about the given offense, relevant case law, explanations on the various defenses available, tips and tricks based on more than 50,000 past contested cases and a computerized, confidential and secure management structure, specific to the management of tickets.

How to prepare and structure your client’s testimony? How to prepare your file? How to explain the importance of legal defenses and credibility? Help you determine, with your client, an adequate strategy, when and if it’s worth it to contest, and the right way to do so, in order to avoid unnecessarily wasting one’s time and money.

Facilitate communication and decision-making with your client by giving him access to relevant, adapted and adequate information. InfoTicket allows for an access to justice that reflects the knowledge and interests of your client, allowing them to take a cohesive and well-informed decision.

What is InfoTicket giving you?

Tips and Tricks!

Know how to navigate the system.

Management & Administration

 Respect the delays, organize & structure your file.

Jurisprudence & case law

Find out what the courts say based on the offense at hand and the defenses available.

Confidence & Trust

The possibility of transferring one or more of your files to your lawyer of choice, with all the information compiled so that he can effectively advise you all the while taking advantage of the management system offered by InfoTicket.

Alfredo Munoz


What is it all about?



Access to justice requires relevant and appropriate information.

Information regarding the article of the offense and certain other related articles, various defenses that others have invoked before you, summaries of judgments in connection with the article of the offense and the defenses invoked , a management system, automated reminders, a questionnaire to help you piece together the facts and other elements to help you better prepare.

Here is a brief description of our portal to help you better define your expectations.

Ready to go?

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Our service

Alfredo, the founder of the first ticket management company in Quebec, Ioan, Web & New Technologies Entrepreneur, and Samuel, attorney at law in Quebec, set up INFO TICKET.

INFO TICKET facilitates the work of the lawyer and strengthens his relationship with the citizen, particularly by allowing the citizen to understand the lawyer’s work, to have access to relevant information and to prepare and understand the legal process:

  • The offense for which he is accused
  • The functioning of the court 
  • The preparation of his file
  • The in-court testimony

All of the topics which you need to discuss with your client in order to represent, assist and advise them in a clear and succinct manner, with the assistance of an efficient and confidential management system for each file.

InfoTicket facilitates the work of the lawyer by:

  • Offers citizens and lawyers with the relevant information regarding the offense
  • Provides relevant case law associated with the offense
  • Delivers an effective management system that takes into account the court delays & deadlines 
  • And much, much more

And much more

It's easy

It's personalized

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